Thursday, 6 September 2012

Meet Dreamtwinz

        Dreamtwinz is a pop music duo made up of identical twin brothers Greem and Eisenhower Mwenisongole who are Singers,Dancers,Songwriters and Composers.

Greem and Eisenhower were born on 13th December 1991 in Zambezi,Zambia and grew up in Solwezi,Zambia.Alternating between the two towns,they developed their musical talent by miming popular pop songs by Backstreet Boys and Westlife at local school functions at an early age of eleven years and later in their high school days included popular songs by P-Square and Michael Jackson.They then started writing their own songs when they were still in high school.The first ever song that was written was "In My Dreams" which was later released as their first ever single on May 7,2011 and have yet come to release their second single “Live Another Day”,The singles are available on Itunes at and on other online stores.

They have dominated the official reverbnation pop charts for Zambia for thirteen months in a roll and still at number one.Dreamtwinz are currently upcoming and unsigned under any major record label but have bright hopes for the future.Find Dreamtwinz on facebook at or follow @Dreamtwinz on twitter
You can also find Dreamtwinz on their official youtube channel at


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